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Student Demographic Information

Adjacent System Conditions

Adjacent system conditions include experiences, situations, and circumstances outside of K-12 systems that help or hinder positive school outcomes. The following table provides information on several important adjacent conditions.

Note. Adverse Childhood Experiences include abuse, neglect, being exposed to violence, mental illness, and other issues in the home. Food insecure means families are unable to provide enough food for everyone in the family, while housing insecurity means families are unable to provide adequate and safe housing.

Academic Conditions

These academic milestones include student outcomes associated with economic mobility and career opportunities.

Social Emotional Conditions

The social emotional milestones are associated with economic mobility and career opportunities. These milestones relate to health and wellness outcomes and students’ perceptions of their abilities.

Note. Caring Adult refers to the percentage of students with positive adult relationships. High Expectations refers to students’ perceptions of teachers having high academic and behavior expectations in the school. Meaningful participation refers to students’ perceptions of opportunities for meaningful participation and decision-making. School Connectedness relates to the percentages of students who feel connected to school.

Teacher & Administrator Conditions

Student level outcomes are associated with the school environment, policies, and practices within the K-12 system including educator and administrator effectiveness. Below are several indicators of these school conditions.

Note. Inexperience refers to teachers with fewer than 3 years of experience teaching.

SDCOE Supports and Services

The following is a list of services SDCOE provided in the current year.

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